Maisy's First Clock

It's about time I got to reviewing a book about the analog clock! 

*My son totally gets where the hands need to go when we shout out times... and it only took like two readings to make this happen   
*Meanwhile, my 1-year-old daughter gets a kick out of it, too, because she enjoys spinning the hands on the clock
*Normally a book with these dimensions (given the limited amount of text and action) would annoy me, but not in this case

*Only deals with times ending in "o'clock" when I would have liked a nod to the quarter-hours 
*Probably has to be super basic and repetitive to get the point across, but that doesn't make it any less basic and repetitive 
*The hands do not click into place, thus minutes or hours might get moved around when your child is shifting the other (perhaps this is a result of it being a library book that has gotten a lot of use, so some slack will be cut)


Maybe it's just me, but have you noticed how hard it is to explain a traditional clock face to a toddler? Considering the fact that every time displayed in our house is digital, I'm not beating myself up too much about it.  Still, I always had it in the back of my mind to snag a book like this if I ever saw one.  So snag I did! It's far from perfect -- and probably would have been a Donate barring the limited competition related to this subject -- but it's a worthwhile Borrow nonetheless. 

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