Count To Sleep - Washington, DC

I'm tired of this type of stuff... 

*Colorful, full of pics of kids (I list this as a positive for children, although most adults would see it as pure overkill), and an example of another way you can go with a counting book   
*The page with the sketches of four Washington landmarks is a winner because it can spark conversation and is, by far, the most DC thing about this book
*Before you flip past the number two, you feel like this could actually be an interesting little read

*Only 2.5 (3.5, if I'm feeling generous) of the ten pages really scream Washington -- the rest of the illustrations could easily be set in Milwaukee 
*Not sure if publisher Our World Of Books is even aware that the Air and Space Museum is, in fact, a Smithsonian institution (I say this because they refer to the Smithsonian Natural History building in the generic sense and then get specific when it comes to planes) 
*It's a preference thing, I know, but I don't like how the numbers on the right-hand pages are tucked near the binding instead of being showcased near the outer edge


I could have put this book together faster than a cable news host shuts down a political pundit.  [And, if I had, I would have made it a countdown story instead of a count-to-ten book; because, while you might count in ascending order when counting sheep, a book should have some finality to it.]  There was next to no effort put into any part of it.  I mean, is there an easier city to pick ten locations for in the world?  I'm not going to shut it down completely, but I will call for a brief publisher furlough in the hopes that future titles in this series receive more care. 

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