Karate Hour

Sweep the leg, Johnny! 

*Both the author (Carol Nevius) and the illustrator (Bill Thomson) display black belt skills in their respective disciplines  
*The level of detail in the children's faces is amazing, yet it was Thomson's choice to accent the black & white motif with the splashes of color in the belts that really caught my eye
*I'm not always a fan of the "let's put paragraphs of explanatory text after the story is over" strategy, but in this case it is actually informative and interesting

*There are no glaring issues with this book to speak of, so the biggest con I can offer is that it falls into a very specific niche that might not be what you are looking for in a true keeper 
*When I see the word "bow," my inclination is to pronounce it like the thing you put on a present as opposed to the physical motion -- as such, I constantly find myself goofing up the rhyming scheme on page one 
*Unlike NY Jets' coach Rex Ryan, I am not a huge fan of a constant barrage of bare feet

Even the most green of grasshoppers will enjoy this piece of karate kidlit.  Although it is less a story and more of a educational primer, it still jumps off the medium like a Bruce Lee spinning roundhouse kick.  As a fellow sensei of a family dojo, I believe you will find harmony upon purchasing this material good.

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