The Runaway Mummy

I wouldn't be surprised if you assumed that I was buried in a crypt somewhere, but the real reason I haven't been posting is because my mummy and daddy came to town for extended vacations.  Time to rip the cobwebs and gauze off and get back to haunting the lives of those responsible for subpar children's books! 

*Michael Rex's illustrations are rather intricate   
*It's not laugh-out-loud funny, but you'll see the humor in having momma mummy get stymied by her son's most pedestrian request after having answers to the more farfetched ones
*I was not expecting mom to go with a building as a solution to her son's bat-based suggestion -- nicely played

*This plot, where a child wishes to be anything but what he/she is... leading the parent to counter with loving retorts, is apparently quite common (I tried to go back and find a review to strengthen my case, but tired of searching) 
*I have a theory as to why the "little boy" scenario involves bunnies and not humans, but I still found it weird that Rex didn't just draw people 
*The monsters are all unique, no doubt, but a good number of them seem to share similarities that make pages blend together unintentionally


I chose this selection because I was looking to get another Halloween review on the site, but soon realized that it was placed on my library's holiday shelf in error.  Still, I decided to bring it home since it was the work of a "#1 NYT Bestselling Author" and looked like it could still scare up some fun.  In reality, it was okay, but that banal storyline definitely spooked me into the Donate corner.  

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Keilin Huang said...

Hi Erik,

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Paige said...

Hi Erik!
I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through a handful of your reviews and I think you might like a crusty little gem we recently self-published called Judd Goobey: Less Artsy More Fartsy.
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Looking very forward to hearing from you and sending you a copy!!