Judd Goobey: Less Artsy More Fartsy

Once you go scat, will you ever go back?                  

*Knows EXACTLY what everyone's reaction will be once you let it loose and is not the least bit ashamed
*M. Tompson Lane squeezes out more material than a tube of toothpaste 
*The poem "Spaceman" was our runaway favorite -- my son had it memorized by the 3rd time through (but can't let 'er rip without cracking up)   

*Much like in real life, not all farts are funny (and neither are all booger jokes, barf comedy, etc) -- though given the volume of content it's tough to expect 100% winners
*I thought the Gross-O-Meter rating system was a nice concept, but also found it not entirely accurate 
*The second poem is about putting various items in the toilet -- I got to line five before I started imagining our kids trying to replicate the idea 

The author and his illustrating daughter, Paige, might be my favorite kidlit team of all time in terms of the way they approach the post-release process.  They diffuse potential critics with wry humor in the foreword, offer a return policy on their website (when have you ever seen that?) in case Judd Goobey is truly too much for someone, and just emit a general sense that they get what they are doing.  Their silent but deadly (funny) approach not coincidentally leaves its mark on the actual content of the book.  All in all, much like the disgust-o things it focuses on, we all had a good laugh yet also recognize that there's a time and place for it. In the hands of almost anyone else, an ode to the raunchy side of life would go over about as well as a fart in church, but the Lanes are not your typical children's duo...                              

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