Miracle Miles

Sorry Los Angeles geography lovers, but you're in the wrong place.                  

*Luke Flowers is a miracle worker of sorts -- in that he creates illustrations that take your breath away
*While I wish Flowers and author Brian J. Hunt would have dedicated at least one page to a representation of the results of the cannon shot process (as in how Miles' job affected people in real time), the overall idea was very creative 
*Absolutely loved how Hunt pegged the ideal temperature for glow at normal human body temperature without coming out and making the connection   

*I still don't get why the factory wasn't destroyed after the first sabotage attempt (if Jack only rescued people) and I really don't get why Corbin thinks the exact same plan will accomplish it
*Most of the miracles cited were weak or involved tinges of hometown favoritism 
*There are a couple of places where things aren't depicted as they were earlier described: namely the lack of a division scar on page 23 and a factory that is actually not taller than the eye can see on page 26 

I've literally sat and prayed for divine guidance on how I should rate this book.  [Okay, so it was mainly because I wanted to write the previous sentence, but, still, it's true :)]  Marvelously, it worked!!  After going back and forth a few times, I had a revelation and decided that Miracle Miles is a definite Borrow.  In reality, the rating was never in question, given the polarizing pros and cons listed above.  In short, there's a lot to love about the story but you'll be left with a lingering sensation that you want something more.                              

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