Big Pigs And Sock Dances

Apologies to everyone waiting for reviews on their books.  We just moved the Kid Book Ratings headquarters to another part of town; thus, it took a few weeks to get the machine back up and running...                  

*Randy Briley's far-out whimsy makes BPASD extremely re-readable, which is probably the number one factor when deciding to Buy an author's work
*Despite being the shortest entry in the bunch, there's something gratifying about the boy who loves mud on his boots -- because it shows that even the simplest of things can make a child happy 
*I, too, rank the power of a hug slightly higher than that of a kiss   

*While the last few pages do end up decoding the theme of the book, I couldn't quite get past all of the wondering where it was going I had experienced before reaching them
*My-o-my, the eyes on these characters -- they make all of them look like they've been up for five straight days consuming a steady diet of energy drinks and controlled substances 
*Since every other illustration seems to depict the things mentioned in the text, I did a double-take on the one that lacked cantaloupe and socks 

As I stated earlier, I am easily swayed by books that don't ever get old, and this one definitely falls into that camp.  That said, I can't quite award it a Buy because of the first two cons listed above.  Even if I could get past the zombie eyes, I still come back to the idea that Big Pigs and Sock Dances seems more like a collection of cute thoughts than a full-blown story.  For that reason, I must suggest you Borrow it from a friend.                              

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