I Love To Eat

No way! Me too!!                  

*Any time a board book gives me three languages (English, French, Spanish) for the price of one, that's a win
*Covers the basics while throwing in some normally unseen common mealtime items like a sippy cup and a baby jar 
*HMH Books upped the ante by using a sturdy design complete with nice 3D finishing touches   

*No doubt this is good for a number of readings, but eventually it has to fade
*Sure the cover cutout is really eyecatching -- still, I don't suggest you add blueberries to your child's milk bottle when he or she now requests it 
*Baby cookies don't always resemble the ones we eat, but the picture of them here makes them look more like sweet potatoes or peanuts at first glance 

Short book.  Short review.  No real downside to speak of except for that first con, which happens to be the very definition of a Borrow for me. Gotta go -- I'm hungry!                              

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