Mr. Pickles Paints The Town

I wish more people still used the phrase "full of piss and vinegar" these days.  Had to get that off my chest.           

*Absolutely love the vibrancy of the illustrations -- a book about colors that doesn't pop would never work for me
*Really gets your child thinking outside of the box by allowing them to envision how she or he would repaint the world if given the chance 
*Even though this conflicts somewhat with the second con below, my son thought it was funny how Peter Pickles just couldn't seem to get it right   

*There are some great rhymes in here, but they are partially lost due to too much filler text around them
*If author Ashley B. Ritchie had allowed Peter to paint things according to his 'vision' (instead of quickly agreeing to the norms suggested by various citizens along the way), I think the potential for Buy status would have been higher  
*Perhaps a page detailing why this gherkin was chosen for the task would have helped round things out as well 

Looks like we have a classic dill-emma on our hands here!  In short, how does one rate a book that lays out the framework for something magical but doesn't quite connect all the dots?  Seems like a Borrow at first blush, but let's take an extra second to marinate on this.  Hmm, some of these cons are rather sour, yet our family did not mind reopening the jar for seconds.  Yep, that confirms it!!                              

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