The Peddler's Bed

This might be the one case where you should consider bringing a gently-used bed into your home, no questions asked.           

*As you'll see below, I have a slight issue with Lauri Fortino's plot, but, overall, it reads very well and hearkens back to nursery rhymes of old
*Trust me when I tell you that the cover construction is maybe the best I have seen for a self-published work
*My son, when asked what he thought of it, confidently said he liked it  

*My son then clarified that he didn't really like the pictures...and, to be honest, neither did I (especially the form chosen by illustrator Bong Redila for Happy the dog)
*The first time I pored through it, I came away thinking that the peddler gifted the bed because of the little man's kindness despite not satisfying the terms of their agreement, but, upon reviewing it, I realized what the technicality was that allowed him to keep it...I do wonder if (a) it 100% qualifies and (b) whether most kids would get it 
*Unless the peddler knows a guy who gives him free horses daily, my guess is that his business is fairly unprofitable, since his draft animal isn't long for this world pulling that load; not to mention the peddler's aggressive giveaway tendencies

This book definitely resonated with me, since I wouldn't be surprised if I was a traveling salesman in a former life.  Moreover, I am 100% the kind of guy who would incorporate games of chance into my business model, just to make things more interesting.  For these reasons alone, I wanted to give it every opportunity to be a Buy.  Yet I just couldn't make that leap.  If it was, in fact, a piece of sleeping apparatus, it would be the good quality mattress (with a free standard frame thrown in) you settle on because you can't quite pull the trigger on the top-tier pillowtop sleigh bed.                              

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