Donald Doing's House of Verbs

I wonder what the insurance premiums are like on a place where things are constantly happening... 

*For the most part, I enjoyed the illustrations done by the team of Cody McGrath and Anna Pan, since they matched the vibrancy (in terms of color and pace) one would expect from a book about action words  
*While author Marianna Shek could have done more with the title character, she does succeed in crafting the eccentric savant readers tend to remember (in the vein of Willy Wonka or Peter Pan)
*Donald didn't need to have those shoes (mainly because they seem super impractical for a man who is constantly on the move), but I'm darn glad he did

*Starts strongly in identifying the core plotline with the snippet about Mr. Neverthere, but really comes off the rails after that
*Normally, I'm all for bonus features in any book I bring home, but, at ten pages of debatably-interesting extra content, DDHV seems to go way overboard in this department
*The story would have been better served fleshing out some more things that Donald liked doing rather than devoting the solitary second page to it (although I realize there are a few more example towards the end, the way it was presented seems like it wants to rush to the things happening in the store without telling us more about the shopkeep himself)


If you asked me to explain what the point of DDHV was, I don't think I could give you an answer in one tightly wrapped box.  To be honest, you could give me a room full of boxes, and I still would have trouble filling them with an opinion, because I don't quite get what kids are supposed to learn from it.  Still, it is no way boring.  For that reason alone, I would never even consider Destroying it.  And so we're left with a no-doubter Donate...  

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Hello Erik,
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