Niko & Kate

Fang on a minute so I can tell you about this book that Fawn Michelle Goodman wrote...           

*Between Rich Green's vivid illustrations and the care taken by Puppet Show Press in printing this edition, Niko & Kate can easily compete on the look/feel spectrum with any other piece of kidlit in your home
*Contains all the components you would want in a re-readable story (beginning, middle, end, drama, mystery, surprises, etc), if not for some of the cons you'll see below
*How could you not love the way Goodman portrays the fast bond formed by this sibling pair once Niko is adopted  

*While I appreciated the twist on Niko's vampirism, I gotta admit the way it tied in with the climactic moment felt rather forced
*The denouement similarly disappointed in that it took a full three pages to say, essentially, that they lived happily ever after 
*My son seemed to like it more than my daughter, which, on its face, shouldn't be a con; except for the fact that she is probably more of the target audience due to her age

Essentially, this review boils down to a tale of two halves: first and second.  Until the crisis arises at the midpoint, the reader will be generally sanguine about Niko and Kate's slightly flawed but still idyllic world.  From that moment on, though, it becomes difficult to sink your teeth into the events that transpire. In short, the finale acted like proverbial garlic and warded off my desire to fully commit to Buying this otherwise above-average book.                             

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