Humble Bumble

I don't want to brag, but...I think I just found my first 2016 ERIK Award nominee!

*Hillary Griffin's artwork is what really pushed this book beyond the Borrow beehive -- even the relatively spartan back cover image sparked a fun convo between me and my daughter last night
*Author Darren Lurie's message is on point and has been encased within a solid beginning, middle, and end (something that is sorely lacking in a lot of books I review)
*Despite having an all-female primary cast, HB is in no way gender-limited  

*My biggest problem with it is actually something rather small; namely, I think the terms "at dinner" and "at night" totally break up the flow of the Grumble section
*There's obviously a humorous angle to Humble's sister Mumble, but reading her gibberish out loud is next to impossible, so I just make up sounds on those two occasions while my kids look at me like I am having a stroke
*At first, my daughter vehemently refused to open a book with bees on the cover, but once I convinced her otherwise, she has asked me to read it to her multiple times

As you can see, there was very little that bugged me about this title.  It looks and feels great.  Sure, it's no nectar of the gods; but it is honeycomb strong when it comes to overall story construction.  For this reason, in my humble opinion, there's gonna be a lotta buzz around this creative team for years to come!                              

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