A PinkBoat Adventure

Strap on your life vest because there are some severely choppy waters ahead.                     

*Author Kathleen Ivan wrote this for her "developmentally slow" niece, and I point this out immediately since no one but Ivan and those closest to her will ever chart the same course in reading it 
*I'm not ashamed to say that the pink in here really pops and makes me wonder if it is underutilized in the kidlit color world
*Alan Dugan navigates the boat illustrations perfectly, but he also should have sent out an SOS in a few other spots (namely the look of the main protagonist and the use of space on page 15)     

*Why did somebody named Crustina turn into crumbs and where did the mystery man come from (so far from shore) -- seriously, I wish there were answers to these questions  
*When the book itself ends by essentially asking those very questions verbatim, it almost felt like Ivan was pouring salt water in my mental wound -- and made my wife think I was joking when I stopped reading at that point
*I'm not sure why the vessel is called PinkBoat or why the character Kathlean spells her name differently than the author (and I truly hope there's a reason for both), but it automatically brings an air of typos and mistakes to the work that I assume most people will be unable to ignore

I have delayed blogging about A PinkBoat Adventure for about five days now.  I did this primarily because I hate sinking independent authors who have spent their hard-earned money shipping me materials.  But the other reason was perhaps even more important to me: despite some extremely concrete initial opinions, rushing into the review did not feel like the right thing to do.  Rather, I wanted to get my sea legs and have it come about at a time when I was fully engaged, in order to avoid any flippancy in my commentary.  [Please note there is a huge difference between being obtusely flippant and using nautical puns in the course of negative feedback.]  I hope both Ms. Ivan and the rest of you recognize that I did this, even if you disagree with my assessment (which is that we're dealing with a near-total loss here).  As someone who comes from two generations of marine insurers, I tend to think I'm particularly qualified to make this call...                    

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Mary said...

I love children's books. I used to sell Barefoot Books.

new follower


Unknown said...

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I appreciate your time and thank you for your consideration.

- Nick

Kathleen Ivan said...

Thankyou for reviewing my book even though the review isn't what I expected.