Baby Max and Ruby - Red Boots

There isn't an official Least Effort Awards show for writers, but I'm starting to warm up to the idea of contacting some sponsors and a low-share cable network and making it happen.  Does anyone have a contact at Planet Green TV?  They might bite on my saving trees angle...

*Including 3-D tactile elements without touting it on the cover leads to a nice surprise
*Having an older sibling not freak out when the baby plays with her stuff is positive
*Max has a little fun with the items, putting a yellow hat on one foot instead of the other red boot

*Rhyming 'suit' and 'snowsuit' in a book with about six quatrains is embarrassing; perhaps the author could have gone with any of the following: boot, brute, fruit, lute, moot, newt, root, toot, scoot, or even Ute 
*Hello random box of Crayola crayons -- why is it you have nothing to do with the story yet you aren't generic crayons
*Every single 3-D item feels the same; spending the extra dollar on varied production would have been the way to go

From what I can see on Rosemary Wells' website, there are four books in the "Baby Max and Ruby" collection.  Maybe if you read all four of them simultaneously, you might create one semi-worthwhile storytime.  Unfortunately for Ms. Wells, I judge each book on its own merits; and these Red Boots stepped in something awful.  The writing causes it to teeter on the brink of destruction, and the repeat rhyming and overall pointlessness push it over the edge.

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Jessica Leader said...

Oh dear! I liked the fun pictures and goofy situation. And I like Max and Ruby! So there!

mysteryguy said...

I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. But, the varied opinions are exactly what we want to let people make a fully informed opinion!!!

Jessica Leader said...

And, of course, we need to stir up some controversey for this blog. We need to nudge it to the top 100!

Elizabeth said...

If the book is anything like the cartoon I would never consider purchasing it or even picking it up.

mysteryguy said...


Totally agree!

PS: What's your blog address again?