Wonder Pets! -- Let's Find Colors!

I didn't even realize this was published by Nick Jr. until I started writing the review.  So, let's see how one of the two major children's media outlets stacks up when producing off-screen content...

*My favorite part of this book is that is asks your child to find tiny items discussed in the rhymes on each page; they are actually hard enough to locate that it becomes kinda fun for you, too
*I don't quite know how to explain the imagery, but its combination of photographic snippets and hand-drawn elements (both in vivid colors) is spectacular
*The duck chick is wearing a headpiece reminiscent of a WWI barnstormer; 'nuff said

*I haven't had the book for that long, but the cover already seems to be cracking along the spine
*The color blue is poorly represented on the last page, possibly frustrating your child at the summary stage
*The word "booby" should be used sparingly around kids, even with the best of intentions, like when discussing the bird

Every time I have read this book, I thought it was a surefire Borrow. Upon reflection, there is really nothing wrong with it, other than the rather quick exterior wear-and-tear.  I love that it focuses on colors (fewer books than you would imagine make color definition the core ingredient) and that it actually has some electric colors inside.  In fact, each page seems to bring the thunder (there are no weak links in the story).  Moreover, the rhymes are tight and original.  To cap it off, the trio of characters promote eating fruits and veggies at the end.  What can't these Wonder Pets do?!

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