Time for Bed

There's no debating what hour of the day you should pull this item out, huh?!  

*Time for Bed's large dimensions and the classic images housed inside have always led me to think that, of all the books we own, this would be the most obvious candidate if a movie studio called and asked to borrow something for a scene they were shooting involving a parent reading to his/her child
*Almost all of the baby animals are adorable, but the tiny goose stretching his arms sleepily is downright the cutest thing ever
*The price on the back is $11.99 (which seems about right), but is "Higher in Canada" -- I have never seen pricing listed this way, but it made me giggle like a schoolgirl

*There is a trifecta of pages (bird/bee/snake) that forgoes the sweet nature of the "good nights" in favor of preachier tones
*"The stars on high are shining bright" is the language used to close the book -- I have never felt comfortable saying this to my kid since it sounds SO pompous
*Speaking of stars, the illustrator seemed to get a little star-crazed in her drawings for my taste

This selection is all about (night)time, love and tenderness.  [Thought I'd throw in a little Michael Bolton reference there since his music put people to sleep in a different way twenty years ago.] It does a good job of accomplishing it's goal.  Also, more than most books, the author doesn't skimp on the content and consequently achieves what I would argue is the perfect length.  On the whole, it feels like a Buy, yet the cons listed above made me think I was going to rate it as a Borrow.  But then I thought to myself how easy it would be to just skip the pages and text I don't like when reading to my son (you don't lose anything by doing so), leading me to the following rating...

BUY / Borrow / Donate / Destroy

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