Baby's First Words

I don't often compare things head-to-head, but the differences between this book and the last one reviewed are so noticeable I just had to do it.

*All their items are presented in categories, going from clothes to furniture to food to toys to body parts to bed
*Well there you go... twenty words is definitely about the right number to include in a book like this
*Nothing cuter than a close-up of immaculately clean baby feet

*Image symmetry is important to me, so it's bothersome that the cover photo is inexplicably pushed to the right
*The blanket the last baby is wrapped in might just be the very definition of an eyesore -- and the wrap-job looks like it was executed by someone who works at the UPS Store
*The toy boat's sails look like they were made out of a formal dinner napkin you'd be afraid to use because the dye might leak off onto your lips and poison you

You'd think there wouldn't be that much to say about a book with no story.  And to a degree that's true.  But looking at BFW immediately after the weak effort presented by "Words" gets the juices flowing. This book is bigger, brighter, and simply better.  That being said, it would have to rock my world to earn a Buy; and, while it was close, it didn't quite get there.

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