I'm not joking; that is the title.  No further description needed.  

*The font is pleasing to me, or at least as much as a one-word-per-page book allows
*At first I didn't like the sporadic use of a solitary edge border on certain pages, but I guess I warmed up to it upon reflection
*The fruit looks awful tasty

*Ten pictures total, that's it (I'm not sure how many I'd consider acceptable, but twenty seems more like it)
*I'd say the order was completely arbitrary, but then the last two pix are related to bath time, so maybe I'm wrong
*If you're going to go out of your way to put ducks in the only non-close-up image in the book ("bath"), then I believe the rubber ducky shouldn't also be one of the other nine images 

I'm not usually a diehard "Made in the USA" kind of guy, but, c'mon, why do we have to import books like this?  As nice as the people in the UK might be, I don't think they are any better equipped to pick ten items out of a hat, associate images with them, and then bind it all together.  I'd be more than happy saving a buck or two off of the $7 retail if the book was printed in Hartford instead of Hertfordshire.

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Jessica Leader said...

How do you know from Hartford and Hertfordshire? Ever revealing hidden depths is my brother-in-law!