Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Kids: As a general rule, don't pose questions to bears.  

*The summary page brings the story full circle and answers the final question distinctively
*The format of question/answer/showing-the-answer moves the story along logically
*Including a black sheep shows your kids something different than they're used to and might lead to other idiomatic discussions

*If my teacher looked like that, I think I'd ask my parents to send me to military school
*How did the editor and author ignore the fact teacher lost the button on her shirt the second time she's pictured
*Another book that pairs teaching colors and animals -- I can only take so many of these

This book epitomizes my definition of a Borrow.  The first time through is more than adequate, but after that it starts to lose steam fast.  The illustrations are nice, but seem too familiar if you happen to own any of Eric Carle's other books.  [Granted this one was a shared effort with Bill Martin, Jr.]  Oh, brown bear, brown bear, now what do you see?  Not sure, not sure, but definitely not me.

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Johnnie Lunchpail said...

Love the Buy, Borrow, Donate, and Destroy categories... hope to some day be in your "buy"...getting great info...thanks!

mysteryguy said...

Just peeked at your website -- looks like a great product! If you'd like to send me a copy, I'd love to review it. Just fire over your email on this comment board (I'll delete it when I receive it if you'd like) and I'll hit you back with my mailing address...

Jessica Leader said...

"Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?"
"I see a tasty snack looking at--"