Hippos Go Beserk!

I can't believe I haven't reviewed this yet!

*I love the way everything flows, particularly the creative ways the hippos choose to leave the next day
*As my mom can attest, it's never too early to teach your children how out of control a party can get thanks to uninvited guests
*I get a kick out of the author's inclusion of a random beast every time 

*There is entirely too much hippo nudity 
*The hippo who's throwing this epic bash needs to do a better job managing his finances -- a 1:4 server to guest ratio is completely unnecessary
*There is one unaccounted for hippo (the bus driver), but since he never attended the party it makes more sense not to count him

Without a doubt, one of my favorite children's books.  So creative, so fun.  The pictures are really amusing and the rhyming is top-notch. Why can't every book be this good?

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Jessica Leader said...

Another LOL review! Does your mom know that you are using this to teach party-throwing etiquette? Do you impart these lessons to Min? Also: *The hippo who's throwing this epic bash needs to do a better job managing his finances." Hee hee.

mysteryguy said...

Ha, I thought she told you about the nearly disastrous event I threw in her house in high school...it was not the best idea I've ever had! Just trying to get him up to speed ASAP:)

Merry Alderman said...

What? No mention of the fact that 7 Hippos arrive in a sack? a) what a dumb way to travel, b) how do you get 7 hippos into a sack and c) who carried the sack?

Don't even get me started on why you would have "the help" arrive after the party is basically already in full swing.

And where did the covered wagon or helicopter come from?

Needless to say, we love this book and read it nightly. We don't even need the book anymore... just recite it whenever we need a little pick-me-up.

mysteryguy said...

It is a winner! I need to work on my book recitals without the book...not quite there yet:)

David Callinan said...

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Rebecca Kovan said...

I have a book I would love to send for your review. What is the process?

mysteryguy said...

Looks like we connected on Twitter...

Delta, the Troubadour said...

Hi Erik, could you kindly email me more submission info to christopherallencaplan (at) gmail.com?