Moo, Baa, La La La!

Sandra Boynton would never let me down.  Sandra Boynton would never let me down.  Sandra Boynton, you let me down.  

*The "La La La" portion of the book is a welcome curveball in a world of predictable board books
*I like that she explains that dogs make different sounds, since I feel like most kids are led to learn only one of the following: bark/woof/arf/ruff/bowwow
*I never thought about what sound a rhino makes; I think she hits the nail on the head

*I was expecting the humor she uses with the pigs to be a running gag, and frankly I'm sad she didn't do it cuz I think it would have made a better story
*The last bad
*What is up with the cats -- every other animal looks exactly like you'd expect it to but the kitties look like candidates for some sort of experimental feline rhinoplasty surgery

Before I get into the final analysis, it must be said that the sheep have the same nose as the cats.  But they pull it off better.  So there. Now, onto the rest of the book.  Maybe I'm rating this one unfairly since I expect so much of this author.  But I don't think so. It misses the mark in so many ways.  Short, generally boring, dumb ending, etc. Moo, Baa, Donate, La.      

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