Let's see if this maritime title has got it's sea legs...

*Tugboats are a confusing concept for children and non-boaters alike, so it was good to see a detailed look into what they do
*The sailboat captain's windswept hair was not something every author would remember to put in there
*Closing out the story with a "Bon Voyage" was a nice touch

*The cover shows a pink sky, but the rest of the book carries the same pale blue background -- it would have been nice if Boats subtly moved you through the day
*Maybe one or two fewer cruise ship pages could have made it better
*That poor guy in the rowboat will probably need the fireboat to come and rescue him in a few hours -- not normally the type of thing you see in bodies of water that empty into what I assume is an ocean

I see from the back cover that Byron Barton has put together quite a collection of books centered around different modes of transportation.  After reading this edition, I'd be more than comfortable grabbing another title off of the library/bookstore shelf. It doesn't really have any holes to speak of -- but it's by no means a perfect work.  Worth the price of admission, but not the type of thing your kid is gonna reminisce about with you over Thanksgiving dinners when s/he's home from college.         

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