Farm Animals

Many reasons have been cited for the modern world's migration away from farm life.  Better technology, more opportunities, improved goods and services, transformation of national economies, etc.  But the single greatest factor has to be the complete lack of awe this book has inspired on the matter since it was published in 1990.

*With the exception of the fact that all the animals (minus the goose) have the EXACT same eye, the pictures are nice enough in the most simplistic way imaginable
*Putting a sheep front and center might be a hidden warning that the book is gonna put you to sleep
*Hey, I was happy to spot a goat in here -- one of the more underrepresented animals you can think of that isn't native to one tiny pocket of the globe

*The back board touts a "touch-and-feel cover" that can only be described as cheap and dingy (as time allows the 'wool' to pick up every spill and finger smudge that crosses its path), not to mention potentially misleading when read from front to back, since it's the only texture to be found
*Two animals are given a full page spread (the cow and the pig) -- I think it would have made more sense to swap out the pig for the horse so that the naturally biggest animals are depicted larger for children's comprehension
*Look, I know the author's British, but couldn't we have squeezed in an extra three letters for the word "rooster" instead of dropping a "cock" in there

Before tonight, I always viewed illustrating as the biggest hurdle to me one day publishing my magnum children's opus.  Now I'm not so concerned.  I could have easily drawn these animals if given enough time and paper.  Lord knows I could have made it more interesting. Maybe this would come in handy if you were sending your kids to live on you grandparents' farm for the summer and wanted to arm the children with a quick reference guide.  Otherwise, it's just stupid.

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Jessica Leader said...

I think you're missing your calling: maybe you need to be a picture-book editor! Good point about the pig-cow swap and the unfortunate synonym for rooster.