With a title like that, I'll bet you never would have guessed that this is a counting book.  OK, not really.  It's just a book with a bunch of colors.  Yay.  [Cue depressing kazoo sound.]

*The size of the book can't be beat -- it fits perfectly in little hands since it is roughly the size of a man's wallet
*At least they put in a decent number of pages for more obscure colors like crimson, aqua, and lavender
*Gotta give a shout out to the gray squirrel; seems much more fun than the ones that threaten me from the trees and cables behind my house 

*Imagine, if you will, a world where all illustrations are done by unmotivated plumbers and you'll be in the vicinity of what you see here
*Why on Earth would you put the black page and the white page right next to each other if the background in each is the opposite color
*There are two reasons to hate when author Simms Taback chooses to use a crayon to depict the color "lime green" -- first, the word "green" doesn't need to be there and, more importantly, you could use a crayon to represent any color (since that's the very function of crayons)

You know what color in nature best describes this book?  Clown nose red.  You know why?  Because, like clown noses, this book is a throwback to a time long gone where people maybe liked this kind of stuff.  Nowadays, nobody likes clowns and about as many like books that appear as if they were drawn by Ralph Wiggum of The Simpsons fame.  Who knows, maybe I'm wrong since this guy has been the president of multiple illustrator guilds and societies.  All I know is that I hate what exists within this pocket piece, minus the squirrel, of course.  The only thing that saves it from Destruction is it's portability...

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