I would oppose you not reading this next review.  

*Getting the facing pages of opposites to all rhyme with each other really helps with the pacing and makes it infinitely more fun to read due to its rhythmic cadence
*There's something amusing about the way she makes the animals look bewildered whenever they happen to be staring directly at you (instead of something else in the scene) -- it's almost like they are confused by the fact that they are doing human things 
*The pigs demonstration of how to use and not use the phone is mucho hilario

*I sort of see why she doesn't include an "and" between hello and goodbye, but I would have liked to see it there
*The old dinosaur doesn't have any distinguishing reason why it's old (like a cane or glasses or a walker)
*The big/small & short/tall page gets the point across, but sometimes it takes a second for even an adult brain to sort out

Sandra Boynton once again seems to have applied her magic formula. Although it's nothing that original, it still manages to be a fun read that is packed full of relevant learning material.  Unlike a lot of the Borrows on my blog, this one will probably never get boring on you. Yet, at the same time, it doesn't scream out to you that it wants to be read either.  So that's how I ended up with this rating.    

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Pragmatic Mom said...

There are very few Sandra Boynton books that I don't love and even if I don't love them, my kids still do. This was a favorite for all 3 of my kids when they were little and it's great b/c it was a book they could read themselves when they started to sound out words

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mysteryguy said...

Too true P.M., too true! It's hard to dislike anything Sandra has done, but part of my very inexact ratings equation revolves around what the books are like for a parent to read. In this particular case, it just misses the mark for me.

PS: I checked out your blog and it is really superb! If you are interested in doing a link swap, I'd most definitely be down!! Just lemme know...