Skippyjon Jones: Shape Up

Don't let the title fool you, this is an awesome book.

*Promotes an active lifestyle in a fun, original, and double entendre-y kind of way
*The verbs used throughout are not your typical childhood fare without being overly advanced either
*Similarly, the shapes get increasingly exotic, but don't make the mistake of delving into the world of dodecahedrons 

*I can't begin to quantify the number of lost sales the unfortunate naming of the lead character has led to
*Why there is a wimpy dog in the mirror staring back at this cat, I'll never know
*Thought it was kind of cheesy for the author to say S.J. is tugging at MY heart

I still can't believe that this book is as good as it is.  The cover is an abomination; what with its awful title, goofy looking cat, and horrible color scheme.  But that's pretty much where the bad ends. Other than Judy Schachner, how many other authors would create the opportunities to use phrases like "salsas on a square" or "teeters on a triangle?"  Not that many.  It's good...go Buy it.

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Anonymous said...

I am definitely intrigued... I'll need to run out to get a copy!!

Joshua and Matthew's Mommy said...

My oldest boy LOVES these books. There is just something about them that intrigues him. My husband, who is from Mexico, reads the accents so much better than I do, but I try.