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For the more recent followers of my blog, let me assure you that I don't rate everything as a Borrow.  Not sure why I've had so many reviews in a row with that label; all I know is I'd rather be reading a bunch of Borrows to my son than some of the other alternatives:)

*If ever you were looking for something that offers the opportunity to read aloud movement instructions for your kid to playfully follow, this is it
*There is so much content in here; it seems to last a lot longer than most board books
*Even though some of the of the animals freak me out  (probably owing to the fact that they are clothed in outfits straight out of a Little Rascals reel), they are skillfully drawn

*Has the vibe of a never-ending Simon Says game minus the catchphrase
*When the lion and bear square off, it's got a violent air to it that is out of step with the rest of the story
*There are two occasions where the kids are told to do something (#1 = sit & #2 = be silent) that are followed up immediately by polar opposite actions -- I can see how this tactic might work but I don't like the execution of it in this instance

Well, you already know how I feel about this one, so let's work backwards to see how I got there.  It's a well-rounded effort that has the pictures, cadence, and quantity of content to be a Buy. What it lacks though is a stroke of good-anytime-ness.  Unless you have a background in Doasado calling, you better be in the mood to shout out commands for five to ten minutes if you plan on cracking it open.  Otherwise you might find yourself skipping past a few pages when the children are jumping like a frog or doing a somersault.                            

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