Uh-oh, Calico!

A writer named Karma and an illustrator named Buket collaborated on this one.  Can't tell if that's gonna bode well for its rating...

*There's no downtime in here -- something is always happening
*It's fun for your kids to guess how Calico the cat goofed as you turn the page
*The final message (that momma still loves baby despite the kitten's many mistakes) is always worth reinforcing to little readers

*Normally I hate when authors place the bare minimum number of words per page; yet, when I was reading this I yearned for the all too common less-is-more strategy
*The stomped flowers are, in fact, not all bright and red (as she said); the author just need a word that rhymed with 'bed'
*Even after glimpsing the cover a few times, it wasn't clear to me until after I read the story that Calico had an upside-down bowl of milk on his head -- it looks more like a pink fez surrounded by some white patches of fur

This title falls somewhere between cat fancy and a catnap for me.  I have it listed as a Borrow because it gets the big concepts right: illustrative skill, telling a full story, decent rhyming, legitimate length, etc.  It's also fun to say "uh-oh Calico" a bunch of times with your kid.  I must say, though, that compared to other Borrows, it's kind of middle of the road.  There's just something missing that I can't quite put my paw on...                          

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