What an amazing name for a book!  Just Grandma.  I have goosebumps.  

*Grandmothers are very important and deserve a book dedicated solely to them
*Does a good job illustrating that the Greatest Generation now chooses to fly its pants almost as high as its flag
*It is nearly impossible to top a photo of a 90 year-old woman holding a rooster while her grandson pats its comb 

*Does it ever make sense to have a question on the penultimate page followed up by a non-sequitur exclamation on the final one
*The lady on the front cover is by far the youngest looking of the grandmas; a strange choice given the theme of the book
*Although credit should be given for grandma diversity, there is an slightly odd order to the way it is presented in my opinion (in chunks for the most part)

Like your grandparents, this book has a limited shelf life.  [Terrible joke, I know.]  It's got a few strong points, but definitely has an air of lameness surrounding it too.  Also consider that its marketability is slightly limited by the fact that it's completely unusable for kids who don't have grandmothers (for obvious reasons).  Promise me this though:  while you have it in your possession, bring it to work for a few laughs -- your officemates will bust a gut thanks to the unintentional comedy factor provided by the pictures inside!    

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