Owen's Marshmallow Chick

Most kids love Easter, in large part, because of all the candy it showers upon them.  So you'd think that a book about springtime sugary goodness would be well received.  You'd think...

*The story buildup has all the makings of something good, but fails to deliver in the end
*If you were looking for a quick checklist of Easter basket contents, the first page is more than satisfactory
*The playful faces Owen makes while enjoying his treats are definitely a highlight

*I find myself wondering what the point of this story is -- and not one of my theories leaves me with the feeling that author Kevin Henkes is a force to be reckoned with
*Don't tell me that something will be "my favorite" (on the back cover) when you know perfectly well that you're peddling an inferior product
*Owen sleeps with his blankie over his mouth and nose -- suboptimal practice for life preservation

I have a palpable taste of artificial staleness in my mouth right now, similar to the one I would get if I ate a marshmallow chick. The stale sensation is the result of a story that never really goes anywhere and the artificial flavor derives from the author linking the book to a holiday for no particular reason.  In short, it's a subpar effort that failed to tweak certain things that would have made it a better read.                    

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