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This is the first and last book I hope to review by Caroline Uff.  You know what Caroline, you can Uff off!!

*In its defense, the pictures are more than adequate; I would even go as far as to say they are nice to look at
*Might be a good read for a middle child who is feeling unloved or needs a little extra something to put some pep back in their step after baby has arrived
*Also perfect for families suffering from horrible bouts with rosacea since every character has the rosiest cheeks since rouge hit the scene in ancient Egypt

*Family, snacks, pets, and love are all great ingredients for a kid book, but to boil it down to the most elemental level by preceding almost everything with a "This is..." shows either no effort or no talent and probably both
*Starts with a hello and ends with a goodbye; wow, never seen that before
*Doesn't tell you the names of the three pets (dog, fish, rabbit), but then follows it with the concept of dog biscuits

I wouldn't normally swear at an author, but the play on words was just too easy:)  As you can see, I actually think Caroline Uff is a perfectly good illustrator.  But she should stick to that.  Her book is so vanilla it gives vanilla a bad name.  Put another way, her book is like a good batch of Neapolitan ice cream 
you bought but your spouse secretly spooned down to the final unappetizing nub of vanilla at the bottom...the drawings get you all excited when you open it with all their color and flair, but when you get right down to it, there are just a few bland remnants of a story there.                    

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