Welcome, Precious

Just because I despise the nickname, doesn't mean I have to hate a book that says the word "Precious" repeatedly.

*Whether you are a newborn or 100 years old, you can't help but get excited about the beauty of life and the world we live in after reading this
*Bryan Collier's style of drawing has the distinct feel of taking a picture and editing it with every single bell-and-whistle on your photo software -- can't think of a word to encapsulate it but it rocks
*These two pros come to a head on the pages of mommy and daddy holding Precious; where their love is graphically represented by an aura of warm bubbles surrounding them 

*My biggest gripe with the story is that it comes off a little heavy (especially if that's not something you signed up for) 
*Don't think I've ever heard of kisses being labeled "slippery" -- kind of a cool descriptive concept but also has a bit of a negative tinge to it that the author might have missed
*I'm not sure the song of a robin can be described as "robin song" without a leading article or possessive distinction

An all-around masterpiece.  Sure, it might lay it on thick, but that just means you have to use it judiciously.  If you're looking to have a good laugh with you kid, then grab another title.  Otherwise, you really cannot go wrong with Welcome, Precious.  

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