My Purrfect Persian

Feline tested, feline approved.  [My cat just took a nap on the book as it sat on the couch.]

*Kids can never be exposed to enough material where the lesson involves being kind to the less fortunate
*The author pinpointed the moods and motions of a cat almost to a tee
*The veterinarian reminded me of Sally Struthers, which made me giggle

*What kind of mom tells her daughter that the cat she just picked out is ugly -- yikes
*Mrs. Simpson/Simson spells her name two different ways in the story
*I have enough trouble with pageant life, so judging cats makes absolutely no sense to me (dogs are somewhere in the middle) -- but it did make sense to include it for the purposes of the story

Sometimes a concept can get you almost where you want to be. The book's dual themes of pet rescue and how beauty is in the eye of the beholder are admirable for sure.  I wasn't in love with the artwork, but the story makes up for some of the shortcomings there.  If I had to compare it to a brand of cat food, I think Fancy Feast would be most apropos since it is on the higher end of the spectrum but falls short of those $15 per bag vet recommended brands that I always ignore.  And just like my cats love the Feast thru 2/3 of the bag (when they somehow grow bored with it or its possible staleness), your kids will enjoy this title for quite a while.                 

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