Bear Snores On

What's the greatest country in the world?  Hibernation.

*The interplay between all the characters huddled together on a bitter cold night is heartwarming and lighthearted at the same time
*Great illustrations, almost Hollywood caliber (especially the two-page spreads) 
*A wren and a mole in the same book -- by now you know I love the utilization of less common animals

*Cute enough ending, but those animals probably wouldn't make it another page in such a precarious position (I don't care how well they bonded with the bear the night before)
*Doesn't really explain the idea of hibernation to kids, which I think could have been done fairly easily without compromising the story
*There's some weird font and text size things going on in here that I don't quite understand the need for

With a title like that, I thought there was a good chance it would be a snooze-fest.  It's not the best book ever, but it's a valiant effort. Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman should be proud of the work they did here.  Check it out for a little while; you'll be happy you did...                     

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Pearl said...

Oh, this is our fave book at the moment. It has great illustrations (I really think the drawings are cool!), and rhymes. We love the all star cast! lol...

mysteryguy said...

Glad I am rating these accurately!!! Keep on reading it to them -- they'll love you for it forever:)

Cheryl Velasquez said...

Love this book too. You might want to check out my blog and see what my 2nd grade class says about this one.