Let's Play!

If, by play, you mean look at things that can be used outdoors.   

*I'm a sucker for black-and-white pix that isolate the featured item in color
*Multiple colors used in this format was the way to go (I could see another book incorporating only a few colors in the same situation)
*Threw in a good mix of plural and singular items 

*Just another in a long line of books with no story and nothing that exciting to offer
*Whatever material the cover is made out of should never be used in publishing again (it gets tattered real fast)
*I would have preferred the spoon used to not be full of straining holes

Couple of reasons why this is a Donate.  First, the title is pretty misleading.  You could argue that the non-play items (bag, hat, sunglasses, and shoes) are essential for keeping your kid safe in the sun.  While important, it completely disrupts the flow right out of the gates.  Secondly, that cover feels weak in your hands; it left me discounting what I was about to read before I even opened it. Supposedly, this was done to make it easier for kids to turn the pages, but I didn't see any noticeable difference.  Finally, there's nothing special about it.  Add it all together and there's no doubt what rating it deserves.

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