Leslie Patricelli tries to pacify us with this.  It doesn't really work.   

*Color scheme and pictures are super pleasing to the eye
*I have to admit that I was eager to discover where the binky was the whole time
*The drawing of the baby's head thru the goldfish bowl is especially well done

*Don't love how it condones the baby freaking out when he can't locate something he really wants
*Why, oh why, would Patricelli illustrate a child turning over his/her potty receptacle -- is she gonna come to my house and clean up all of the pee and poo that ends up on my floor as a result
*I can't fully be sure what the baby is doing to the dog, but if the pet is being threatened (as it appears) that's a no-no also

Doesn't that cover make you think you're about to read something really good?  I know I thought so.  But, much like a pacifier, it is more of a temporary solution than a permanent life choice.  If you read it to your kids once or twice, it might not lead to the formation of any bad habits.  But if you continue to use it, you might do irreparable damage to them, others, or your household. Play it safe and stay away...

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