Big Dog and Little Dog: Going for a Walk

Two dogs for the price of one.   

*You want to like these two canines, with their varying shapes and sizes
*I like the owner's hand-over-the-face reaction to her dogs in the mud
*Who can ever get enough of dogs shaking themselves dry

*"Blah, blah, blah" is my go-to voice when reading this out loud; so boring
*I'm not sure what kind of puddle the dogs are in, but it resembles a Great Lake with the waves the author chose to put in there
*Laying back on nice furniture while encased in mud is not a lesson I want my son to ever learn

I wish these two pups would have just kept walking.  In no way did they deserve to be involved in at least four additional titles, at least based on what I have seen here.  Dav Pilkey does the bare minimum and brings nothing at all new to the table.  The characters are likable enough, but the phrasing seems straight out of Writing Children's Books for Dummies (which I have never read, but have to assume is littered with examples using this simplistic tone).  I thought about Destroying it, but it's not offensively bad, just typical connect-the-dots children's book fare.

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