Duck & Goose Find a Pumpkin

There's no debating what this story is about.

*Duck and Goose might be the stars, but Thistle steals the show with his one-liner
*The color scheme is a perfect match with the glossy pages
*It might seem like a minute point, but the artistry used to illustrate Duck's reflection in the water is perfect

*All things considered, it isn't exactly a page turner
*Didn't need to have every question include one of their two names
*Makes me question the NY Times bestseller list if D&G is on it

Kind of reminds me of the game duck, duck, goose.  If you broach the subject, it initially starts off as a bit of a pain to get it all organized -- not dissimilar from the feeling you will get when you realize you have to read it again.  Once you are in the midst of it, it's fun for the kids, but less so for any adults involved.  Eventually the game ends with a fizzle when everyone's tired of it, just like the closing page of the book.  Overall, both are worth the time spent but neither are all that memorable a few days later.            

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