My Mother is Mine

Good.  You can have her.   

*If you have a lady in the house, she will love this book and be more than happy to read it (I had two right next to me during this review and they both like it)
*I like the shot of the mama bear ignoring the bees in order to get the honey for her and her child
*Kinda cool for your kids to see the different ways certain animals carry their young

*Please tell me why like half of the text is duplicated on the front and back covers 
*The pictures are all so faded -- I don't care if it is supposed to set a soft, soothing tone
*"My mother is tall and tall and tall" is an obvious and awful attempt to keep the cadence/rhyming pattern in order    

I think the main reason I don't like this book is simple (and probably supersedes the problems listed above).  It's just one of those books where you get the impression that Marion Dane Bauer barely dipped her toe in the creativity pool when writing this.  It's all so boring and derivative.  Peter Elwell does okay with the illustrating (if you factor out the whole weird fading concept), but Bauer's words drag it down.  To be honest, Marion's mother should have suggested a new career path to her daughter after reading this one.       

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