Does a Cow Say Boo?

Of course not, unless it sneaks up from behind and wants to scare the crap out of you.

*I've always wondered why books mention only one sound for animals that make multiple mutually agreed upon noises (dogs being the best example) -- this one lays them all out for you
*It's fun for everyone when a book ends with something for you and your children to shout out 
*Brita Granstrom's illustrations are full of action and have a semi-unique look to them

*I'm all for inventing new onomatopoetic words, but a board book might be too early teach words that no one else will understand when your kid utters them
*It doesn't fully compute that moths "say nothing at all" when you consider the wing flapping rat-a-tat-tat you hear every time one gets in your house
*I see why you would want to go generic by using "bird" instead of a specific species, but it's weird on the same page as a duck and a hen

What we have here is pretty darn close to being a Buy.  It's entertaining, teaches something relevant to the audience it is designed for, and is nice to look at from front to back.  Part of me feels bad that I can't just give it top honors; in fact, books like this make me question my rating system a little since it's kind of arbitrary how I weigh my cons for Buys versus Borrows.  Let's just call the difference maker my seventh sense and leave it at that.  As they say, opinions are like tushies -- everyone's got one -- and in mine (opinion, not butt) this is just a tushie hair away from being a total keeper.                      

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