This Is Not a Pumpkin

Um, actually it is.  

*Enjoyed the use of the negative space along with the shifting of where the pumpkin appeared on the page
*As far as buildup goes, it more than makes you wonder what it must be if it's not a pumpkin 
*Something about the stem and its little curly q is fun to look at despite what it reminds me of

*I looked it up to be sure -- a jack o'lantern is a carved pumpkin (sorry I ruined the suspense for you)
*Despite my approval of the layout, it still is sorely lacking in illustration since there is nothing drawn in this book that is not one of the following: the color white, a shadow, or a pumpkin  
*One or two too many instances of that large & bold font

Trick more than treat.  Why?  Bob Staake should have done more with this.  If it had had a different ending I think it might have earned some pretty high marks.  Given the way it's presently constituted, however, I think it would have made more sense to first boil the material down to two or three pages (split into quadrants) and then merge the resulting pumpkin arc with a few more Halloween items (each with their own two or three pages storylines).  Until Staake heeds my advice, I'm gonna suggest that you drop this book in an annoying kid's candy carrier this Oct 31st.                   

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