Big Dog...Little Dog

Don't confuse this with the other BDLD book I reviewed earlier this year.  This one's much better.

*Books about best friends are fairly commonplace, but not all of them are as believable as this one
*The sign referencing Pittsburgh is exactly my kind of humor
*There's just something gratifying about dogs in painter caps

*A little strange that the second half of the book confronts the whole height issue, but the first half only focuses on the two dogs doing different things which are sometimes opposite
*I think the final phrase the bird speaks is supposed to convey a message, but the problem it relates to is a poor example of the point it tries to get across
*Why would a big bed ever be uncomfortable for anyone, even a small dog

My son is going through a moon phase, so let me start off by giving this book bonus points for all of the times he reaches for it to open directly to the moon page.  With that out of the way, let's get down to brass tacks.  What we have hear is an uncomplicated tale that can be summed up with one word: pleasant.  I like reading it to my boy (when he lets me turn away from that page with the moon on it) despite it not being all that good.  And since it also has a few funny visuals inside, I can't help but rate it as a Borrow.                      

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