We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Don't worry, no animals were harmed in the writing of this review...

*If there's one thing the book has going for it, it's that it has plenty of content
*The gold tipped pages seem a little extravagant for a book of this caliber, but, hey, it looks good
*I liked the wordless last page which portrays the lonely bear on his walk home

*Why do they have to go through everything -- wouldn't it be more fun to read about the various ways they get around things (over, under, avoiding completely, etc)  
*Weird that they find a bear on their bear hunt yet they weren't really looking for one when they found it
*I know repeating things three times is a magic tool in the world of speechwriting, but personally I hate reading phrases like '"squelch squerch" even the first time

The copy I have of this title claims that it is an "anniversary edition of a modern classic."  I think we can all admit that that's just a bunch of gibberish, since no one I know is familiar with this book or how old it is.  Still, I guess that explains the gold accents.  All in all, this is a middle of the road book that gets a slightly positive review from me because it is a lengthy read that has pretty good imagery (provided by Helen Oxenbury).  In other words, it's BEARly worth your time :)                            

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