Fly High, Fly Guy!

A book about a bug -- this could go either way...     

*The illustrations definitely carry this book due to the life they inject into the story
*More on the illustrations --  he does a masterful job of showing both close-up scenes and wide angle images
*A fly surfing on an oyster/clam shell is creatively unique

*The writing uses a lot of pointless repetition in certain areas and almost seems like it was written backwards (as in, he knew what the ending should be, named his book after it, and then filled in the rest haphazardly)   
*My wife and I aren't OCD about cleanliness, but c'mon, no author should actively encourage a kid to eat from the same hot dog as a fly  
*I don't hate it, but I find it laughable that this material is separated into chapters

Take a peek at the cover below: shiny silver roads, fun lettering, and author named Tedd, and a huge fly!  Can you blame me for being excited by this thing when I saw it at the library?  So you can imagine my disappointment when it turned out to be a major dud. I'd compare it to the trash cans that Fly Guy plays in, but that would be too harsh.  It's more like the litter laying around the can; you know, irritating to see but somehow less horrible to the touch than the stuff inside.         

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