Daddy, Papa, and Me

I saw this title on a table in the story room and knew I had to grab it since my blog was lacking a same-sex parent book.  Let's see if Leslea Newman's effort is worthy of a good review...  

*I can't quite put into words why I like the writing, but let's just chalk it up to solid rhyming that's easy to read
*The parents do a variety of activities with the kid while projecting the qualities of a loving family unit throughout 
*There's a page where they make paper airplanes out of newspaper that utilizes a cool real newspaper effect

*These parents both fall asleep at least once (and maybe twice) while their child is still running around -- which isn't exactly best practice
*I can't get over the fact that Papa's face looks like it belongs on a child's body (couldn't he have a mustache or some identifying adult feature)
*I would love to know if the child is a boy or a girl

To be honest, the gender of the parents is irrelevant to the story the way it is written.  I'm not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing in the eyes of the LGBT community, but I'm gonna have to assume that's it's a good thing since I've always thought America is at its greatest when we don't judge others by the way they look, by what makes them happy, or by what they believe.  Overall, it's a solid work but does nothing to go down as one of the classics.                           

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