Clifford The Big Red Dog

Atomic daaaaawg.  Bow wow wow yippee yo yippee yay!                  

*This book does a great job demonstrating many of the positive qualities that exist in the relationship between pet and child: loyalty, fun, protection, and, most of all, love
*My son gets super excited when we turn to the page where Clifford catches the car in his mouth (which causes me to feel the same way)
*Putting a piggy bank next to the burglar's sack was a stroke of pure genius

*Norman Bridwell's sporadic sketching of Emily Elizabeth's kneecaps is far more disturbing than the concept of a canine the size of a cargo plane
*Pouring what I imagine is hot tea directly in a dog's mouth is not something I would encourage  
*I know we were all on high alert during the Cold War, but I don't remember zookeepers being outfitted with police garb

It's been almost fifty years (200+ in dog years) since Clifford scampered into our lives and he still has the literary energy of a puppy.  This was actually the first time I have ever been exposed to Big Red and I gotta admit it was almost as tasty as the gum of the same name and much, much better than that technicolor soft drink you find south of the Mason Dixon Line.  It's a classic for a reason - and becomes even more of a value when you see the very affordable board book price of $7.                              

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