Firefighters! Speeding! Spraying! Saving!

Craving a thrill?  We've got so much action for you here, it's gonna require a second exclamation point!!                  

*Does an amazing job of showcasing an entire shift of a firefighter (including the downtime in the station's comfy chairs) 
*Solid rhyming throughout that rarely strays from the topic at hand
*The gloss chosen by publisher Marshall Cavendish is first-rate   

*False starts out of the box due to the word "slide" throwing off the rhythm of the first rhyme 
*Only one guy has a mustache -- adding a second would have highlighted this key bond of brotherhood among firemen 
*Totally minor point, but the engine passes a purple car on its right, which (in the US at least) means that the citizen did not obey the preferred pull-over tactic when hearing sirens nearby  

A very enjoyable book from the 'Board Buddies' collection.  Patricia Hubbell and Viviana Garofoli produced a powerful partnership. What's interesting to me is that in a previous review, I took a separate author to task while having completely neutral feelings on the illustrator (Garofoli).  I guess it just goes to show that publishers should think long and hard about who they pair up on projects if they want to turn out consistently solid work.  They can't all be home runs, but there's nothing wrong with being a high-average singles hitter like Ichiro, is there?                              

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