Baby Blessings

There's a whole lotta love in the air tonight.                    

*Good life lessons and lovingness seep out of the pages like thick maple syrup  
*James E. Ransome can illustrate with the best of them   
*The drawings easily convey how parents still love their first-born even after #2 comes along 

*There is very little cohesion -- it's more like a collection of sentimental sentences 
*If you are trying to limit your daily intake of the word "blessing," you might want to avoid this one
*The last picture really confused me because it looks like their son turned into a daughter (a combination of a girl with a ponytail in front of him and shorts that look like a skirt are to blame)

Did you know that the author happens to be Michael Jordan's mom? I didn't either until I read it on the inside jacket cover.  While this is a noteworthy accomplishment, it also makes me feel better about the Donate rating I have given it.  There's just something about the publisher needing to point this out before it is read that confirms that we're dealing with a less than gifted storyteller.  If she was a Chicago Bull of the 1990s, I would equate her to James "Buddha" Edwards since she has a mildly serviceable and deeply religious angle to her writing.                      

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