Forever Young

Folking A!  Who knew Bob Dylan dabbled in this arena...                  

*Paul Rogers' artistic style is reminiscent of those '70s cartoons that still have a cult following today -- which couldn't be more perfect for a book glorifying the lyrics of a '70s (among about five other decades) music legend
*I really liked the idea of Rogers including an illustrator's notes section that gives insight into Dylan songs and trivia  
*That VW Super Beetle could not be drawn better 

*I was disappointed (maybe unfairly) to find out that Dylan didn't really have much to do with this book, other than signing off on copyright permissions      
*Even though the song's a classic, I would have chopped out some of the choruses since they water down the otherwise strong lyrics     
*Decreases the chances your kid will earn a six-figure income by about 3%, thanks to its glorification of the hippie lifestyle   

Not much else to say about this book that hasn't been covered already.  As expected, it's significantly cooler than a lot of other books you own -- and that's coming from a guy that has never purchased a single song from Dylan's catalog.  I don't think I would want to read it frequently, but periodic doses of Forever Young sounds like music to my ears.                             

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